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Vehicle transport service IL provides some choices to handle automobile move, to whatever type of vehicle you may have, regardless of the size. We advertise open-air, covered transport, door to door, and terminal to terminal vehicle trans[portation service. In addition, we provide the most expensive and luxurious car transportation that needs that extra TLC (tender loving care).

Knowing the distinction between the provided car transportation service is imperative to guarantee that you receive what you require for the best price that there is.

Open-air car shipping
This is the most popular selection when it comes to vehicular transportation. The car is loaded onto car carriers together with a lot of cars before transporting them. This is what you will commonly see along highways, moving a bunch of cars to the auto-dealership. If you are opting for singular open-air car shipping, then a flatbed truck is available, but it’s going to cost more. In addition, it is used in door-to-door shipping. As mentioned earlier, open-air car shipping is the most popular choice; however, customers are going to be worried about the weather conditions and road debris during the transport.

Covered transport
If you’re concerned about the road debris and weather conditions for open car shipping, Vehicle transport service IL has other options. Covered transport shields your vehicles from the harsh elements of the highway or expressway. Here are two types of covered transport services.

  • Soft-sided covered transport can offer more protection than open-air car shipping but is limited to damage from small rocks, rain, and wind.
  • Hard-sided covered transport is recommended for additional protection against weather and road hazards. The good feature of hard-sided covered transport is that it is concealed from the outside while being transported. This is an optimal choice for expensive cars.

Terminal to terminal shipping
The customer has to pick up and drop off their vehicles at the terminal or depot when it comes to terminal shipping. To provide customers the best service, Vehicle transport service IL is available in major cities in the United States. Door-to-door transport is readily available if terminal to terminal shipping is not a viable choice.

Door to door transport
Door-to-door transport costs more than terminal to terminal shipping, but it is more efficient when opting for cross-country moving. The drawback of this service is that it can’t be dropped off at apartment complexes or streets because of the terrain. In some cases, the driver will pick a place for the meet-up.

Exotic and luxury cars
If you want your high-end vehicles safely transferred then, hard-sided covered transport is the way to go. It can be placed in the first position of the trailer so that it can take less time to unload your car. It is worth mentioning that you discuss with the insurance your car provider has for additional protection. We also have extra services for high-end vehicles.

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